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We are a consultancy practice offering services in the fields of civil engineering and structural engineering. Our Director, Consultant and the senior members of our team are chartered engineers.


We are supported by experienced and qualified staff who assist with some aspects of the design work and prepare all of the construction drawings. Drawing production is a key product of our business. It is the drawings that allow our designs to be converted into reality.


We have a justified reputation for preparing clear and comprehensive drawings which simplify the construction process.


The practice aims to provide a consistent, high quality service, sensitive to our client’s needs, to design and construct economically, meeting time, cost and technical objectives. Our standard approach is to be in the forefront of technical development and to work accurately, concisely and with flair; to adopt best modern practice and, where appropriate, provide innovative solutions.


Hutchinson Whitlam Associates is a member of the Avetta Consortium.


The Consortium provides a pre-qualification service to their clients. All aspects of our business have been rigorously vetted by Avetta, including technical, financial, insurance cover, approach to health and safety, approach to sustainability and more.


Examples of commissions carried out by the practice can be seen in the PROJECTS section.

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