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Ironbridge Power Station

New biomass store.


The practice has provided civil and structural consultancy services to a number of clients operating in this sector.


Recent projects have included:


  • A number of phases of development for Verdo Renewables including a new drier installation and improvements to external storage areas and site drainage at their Grangemouth site and a feasibility study for a large CHP plant at their Andover site.


  • A major redevelopment for Eon at their Liverpool Bulk Terminal which involved converting an existing coal handling facility into a wood pellet handling and storage facility. We were involved in the design of the ship unloading facility, extensive quayside conveyors and transfer towers, an elevated tripper conveyor system, further elevated conveyor systems and modifications to the original bunkers and train loading system.


  • Conversion of Ironbridge Power Station from a traditional coal fired plant into one which would  operate using biomass only, for operator Eon. We were involved in the conversion of the train unloading facility, construction of new conveying and storage systems and modifications to the main bunkers including the introduction of roof structures and blast panels.


  • Working with our client Permastore to design a series of roof structures for their range of tanks for use as anaerobic digestors.


  • Involvement in the design of high temperature ducts and support systems for waste to energy plants at Hoddesdon and Belfast for specialist sub-contractors.

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